How Does Leedle Work?

Leedle was created to offer a seamless experience and new options to customers who need a product or service from a provider they can trust.

By delivering on this need, we'll fulfil our mission statement:

"To protect the hopes, dreams, and needs of our visitors by holding every partner to the highest possible standard"

A visitor to our site may hope to get a new logo for their business that perfectly communicates the USP of their business.

They may dream of tripling their sales by investing in new leads.

A visitor may need a service provider that won't abandon them at the worst possible time and cause serious issues.

We'll deliver on our commitment by having a conscientious member of the Leedle team look at each service provider as they apply. We'll evaluate their previous reviews, companies house data (if applicable) and their general branding and presence online.

From there, we'll raise any concerns or objections in relation to their application and provide an outcome either accepting them unconditionally, with conditions or rejecting their application with feedback.

Our High Standards

We'll then note down all of this information, and monitor the feedback of our visitors closely as we continue to ensure that all Leedle partner service providers adhere to our five non-negotiable standards:

Expertise - Does the Service Provider have the proven expertise to deliver the product or service they intend to offer via Leedle?

Capability - Does the Service Provider have the proven capability to deliver work to a good standard? Knowing and doing are not the same.

Trustworthiness - Does the Service Provider have a good track recoird or high quality recommendations for the work that thye wish to offer via Leedle?

Compliance - Is the Service Provider registered with any regulatory bodies, ADRs etc. that may be needed in their industry? Is there any record of illegal or inappropriate conduct or failure to comply with accepted standards?

Stability - Is the Service Provider financially stable and able to commit to deliver work over a reasonable period of time? Do they have any defaults of CCJs that indicate they may not be the right fit for Leedle?

The reason that we do all this is simple; we want to deliver the best results for all stakeholders. That means that Service Providers should be satisfied that they aren't being forced to compete with low-quality or unreliable alternatives, and site visitors should receive an extra layer of support to protect them and their investment in the work that they need to be done.

If you choose to work with us in any capacity, we wish you every success. We're here if you need us, and we're very excited to see the amazing work that is brokered via!