How to Use Leedle

How To Use Leedle

Leedle is here to help customers choose from a range of fanastic service professionals. There's a good chance you've seen an advert of ours offering to find you a builder, plumber, account, marketing expert or even someone to humanely remove bees from your home!

Our service providers are all interviewed to understand their approach to customers service and their work in general. We're here to make sure you work with trustworthy, capable service experts!

To get started, you'll need to click on which service or product you require help with. From there, our automated system will ask a range of questions to understand the best provider to match you with.

We'll need an email address to let you manage the responses that come through to you.

Finally, please provide the best contact number to allow us to connect you with the right expert to help. You can request to be contacted more by text or WhatsApp, but this isn't 100% guaranteed.

Once you've selected a professional to help you, you will be able to close your enquiry by either logging into our portal or following the 'close my Leedle' button on the email that we send to you.

Leaving Feedback

After you've hired someone, we recommend that you leave a review to help future users decide if the same professional would be able to help them too. If you've had a good experience, pay it forward. If you've had a bad experience, an appropriate review will notify future customers and us that some aspects of the professional's work could be improved.

We use hiring and review data to monitor the conduct and performance of our service provider partners. By doing your bit to contribute and by letting us know about your experience, you'll help other customers, the service providers and us, all at once!