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Great leads and astronomical conversion rates with Leedle.

Step 1

View leads

Review lead details before you commit to buying them, be notified of new lead arrivals to get there first! We moderate incoming leads to protect our Service Providers from bad leads and false information.

Step 2

Purchase contact details

Buy promising leads with credits. New Leedle users get a special discount on their first 300 credits. Extra discounts and partnership schemes are available.

Step 3

Sell to customers

Contact your leads by phone or by email with expert guidance from our Leedlebot artificial intelligence. There are no hidden fees, you keep everything you earn!

Why Leedle?

High conversion rates

No more junk leads! We have adopted a quality-over-quantity approach to lead generation supported by a system of manual moderation and automatic premoderation.

Technological innovation

As a Leedle user you will recieve bespoke AI lead analysis geared to fit the needs of your business. Leedlebot will share strategies on how best to sell to the lead using the unique strengths of your business.

We want you to succeed

We hold our service providers to the highest possible standards of business practice. We feel that this is real leadership in an industry that seems to ‘take the money and run’ at times.

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