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What is Leedle.co?

Leedle.co is a leading national introduction website that helps product and service providers find their ideal customers.

How do we define 'leading'? Well, we process a high number of requests every day, and hold our service providers to the highest possible standards of business practice.

We feel that this is real leadership in an industry that seems to 'take the money and run' sometimes.

We hunt for customers who want amazing work to be done, then we share their details with our pre-vetted list of service providers.

Once a visitor has submitted a request (known as a 'Leedle'), they'll receive helpful advice & feedback on their Leedle from a range of qualified and high-calibre experts.

So Leedle is a lead generation platform?

Yes, it is! But we're determined to be there in the background if any major problems occur. If we receive a concern from a customer, we'll reach out to help. This can prevent loss of business, bad reviews on your Leedle account and reputational damage.

And a really happy customer will often send exceptionally high converting enquiries to you at no cost via word of mouth. It's in everyone's interest to do a good job for a client.

What industries do you serve?

We're investing based on demand. If there's a service that you offer and would like to see added to the Leedle dashboard, please check if it's already listed. If not, please let us know and get in touch here.